by Kaj Kandler

Steve Rubel from Micro Persuasion and Matt McAlister comment today on screencasting with advertising. They refer to Infoworld’s new series of screencasts, where they now add an advertisement trailer.

Just in case, Infoworld intends to patent this one, I claim prior art since 2003.

See (wayback machine)

I did not make this for money reasons nor did I use arbitrary ads. I simply used it to make the time required to load the screencast more entertaining and to benefit the sponsor (or buyer) of the screencast.

One Response to “Screencast with advertising is an old hat”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Hey Kaj – from BostonBarCamp here, we talked about your software a lot.. I still gotta make it to a java meetup..

    Another ad model – Revver is interesting – they host your content and pop ads on the end – split profits with you 50/50. Not strictly screencasts, but you get the idea.

    AskANinja, ze frank and this guy are using it :)

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