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by Kaj Kandler

I just received a nice New Year’s surprise gift (I’m still struggling with writing ’07 dates).

Michael Katz, a local e-newsletter marketing consultant, just published the recording of his audio seminar – “FINDING (AND USING) YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE“. He usually sells his recordings, but decided to make it a free download this month.

Michael has a really authentic voice in e-newsletter marketing and he teaches his clients to be themselves in their writing. He has started a series of “Coffee with Michael“. This month he invited Lissa Bergin-Boles, a life coach from Toronto. I trust him to know something about this topic.

If you got 20 minutes and are interested in finding your authentic voice and using it in newsletters, articles or blogs, listen in.



by Kaj Kandler

Are you in need of Fuzzy math. I do not mean the political rhetoric, but rather the mathematical concept of fuzzy logic and fuzzy math.

Now you can calculate with fuzzy math in Calc spreadsheets, thanks to the new InrecoLAN FuzzyMath component.

The component allows to use uncertain or approximate values in Calc. It means you can perform ordinary arithmetic operations and use ordinary mathematical and financial functions with uncertain values as if they are standard, or crisp, numbers. The component allows you to create and edit fuzzy numbers, use fuzzy numbers in formulas. You can also display the graphs from the fuzzy numbers and results of calculations.

Fuzzy math has strong mathematical basis. This component enhances all mathematical and financial Calc functions for which fuzziness might be reasonable.

InrecoLAN FuzzyMath is distributed under GNU General Public Licese (GPL). Source code and the newest versions of the component are available at SourceForge.

Learn more about it at



by Kaj Kandler

Jedox, the company behind the Palo Spreadsheet server has started to seek sponsors for supporting Calc. In an interesting marriage of open source and commercial project sponsorship, they have found pledges from an Australian Winery and some German engineering firms. However, at this point the tally stands at 6500 Euro, which is not much for a medium size software project.

The idea behind this effort is to store spread sheet data on a server and offer OLAP capability to create sophisticated reports, that can be aggregated among many dimensions, such as sales data by month, quarter, year, sales person, region, customer size, promotional costs, support costs or any combination of these. This kind of application gears towards enterprise customers who need analytical aggregation of data to support decision processes.

Palo server is an open source project and is currently only available for Microsoft Excel.



by Kaj Kandler

ZDNet blogger Dana Blankenhorn points to new tutorials for by InPics.

InPictures covers several applications, such as Writer, Base and Impress.

While the tutorials are basic they are certainly helpful. Interesting is that Dana reports these have been made available with funding from the US Department of Education.