by Kaj Kandler

I would like to present today some new screencasts for Draw, the vector graphics application in the suite.

We posted some basic screencasts for Draw yesterday.

While these number of screencasts for Draw is still small, the set is already useful. Lets assume you want to create a flow chart. A novice user might create some rectangles, and draw ellipses and connect these with lines. However, this will require careful planning so you position all the boxes first and the draw the lines. If you need to move any of the shapes you also have to adjust the end points of the lines.

You are probably better off to draw shapes from the flow chart menu, which gives you all the elements that are normed for this type of drawing. Then use object connectors to build a flexible mesh of objects and their connections. These connectors stick to the connection port of the objects and do move with the objects.

Finally, you annotate your flow chart with text frames and add potential notes withcallout bubbles.

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