by Kaj Kandler

Klaus Manhart has published an article about converting documents from and to MS Office, using He tells it as it is, that simple documents are easier to convert than more complex ones.

In his article he gives two sets of cut and dry advice for text-documents used in OOo Writer/MS Word:

Basic rules for successful data exchange

  • If you know that a Microsoft Office document will be opened in later, don’t use complicated formatting and functions.
  • Agree on the exact Microsoft Office file format to be used. If someone generates a document that’s going to be exchanged and uses a newer version of Microsoft Office, then RTF or another format up to and including Office 97 should be used, rather than anything more recent.
  • Try to avoid round-trip conversion, where documents are edited alternately with and Office. It’s not realistic to have a file that’s sometimes edited with Microsoft Word and sometimes with Open Office.
  • If you’re going to send an document to someone who just needs to read and print it, it’s probably simpler to export it to a PDF file.

Maximize Word compatibility in Writer

  • Enable Use printer settings for document formatting
  • Enable Add spacing between paragraphs and tables
  • Enable Do not add leading (extra space) between lines of text
  • Enable Consider wrapping style when placing objects

Learn at Plan-B for, how to enable/disable OOo Writer compatibility options for compatibility with MS Word or Release 1.1

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