by Kaj Kandler

Based on a tip from the Ubuntu Community I developed this guide how to improve Open Office performance and more responsive.

Set the Open Office memory options for improved performance as follows:

  • Reduce the undo stack from the default 100 to less than 50. Keep in mind your own work style. If you are experimenting a lot, a value too small might let you run out of “Undo” operations pretty fast. If you are a slow typist, a single “Undo” might just be a single character typed.
  • Increase the graphics cache to  ~10% of your main memory, but no more than 256 MB. Consider how often you use graphics. Heavy use of Impress or Draw will require more.
  • Set memory per object to between 10MB and 20MB. Again this depends on what you are doing. If you are using embedded Active-X controls or large images/graphics this should be larger.
  • Set the number of objects to ~20.
  • Enable the OpenOffice.org Quickstarter if you use OOo more often. For occasional use it will only block memory that you could use better for other applications.

Watch a screencast of these these tips here.

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