by Kaj Kandler

I’m a heavy user of Skype the VOIP telephony service, and it has trouble for the last 24 hours to allow users to sign on.

This made me realize how much I depend on Skype. I chat most days with my agent about work progress on Plan-B for and next tasks. I do most of my phone calls that are not local with SkypeOut and I chat almost every weekend with friends and family on Skype.

And I notices how little information the Skype Heartbeat blog is letting on. All they are saying is that they have problems with logon and that they are recovering now. I wished Skype was an open source project. In that case we’d know what the issues really were and how it worked and could help to bring back a vital service to our lives. this really disappoints me, that the company is so secretive about what is wrong and how one could help. Is it a system overload, a software error that can be remedied with an update? What is going on? What is EBay, the corporate mother of Skype doing?

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  1. Kaj Kandler Says:

    Skype is back. Thank God and the technicians that worked hard to get it going again.

    Just had a pleasant conversation with Austria. Went flawless, steady connection, excellent call quality.

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