by Kaj Kandler

The community released its latest version, called Release 2.3.

It includes a new charting component with much more pleasing default colors, many enhancements that make Open Office extensions more viable and a series of bug fixes, some relevant to security vulnerabilities.

Behind the scenes many configuration options have changed or been added, such as:

  • Suppressing to save the printer settigns with a document, which in times of roaming Laptop users, might print the document half way around the world.
  • Improved export of spreadsheets with cotanget functions, such as COT(), ACOT(), COTH(), ACOTH() to MS Office compatible Excel files.
  • A new Chart Wizard makes it easier to generate charts from spreadsheet data.
  • A new report writer has expanded the abilities of OOo Base to write complex reports with grouping, sorting or different alignments of fields.
  • Exporting drawings and presentations to HTML now support .png images.
  • Exporting a text-document to a MediaWiki (think Wikipedia pages) format is now supported.

Also, don’t forget the smaller memory footprint that this release should include. This will make less memory hungry and more responsive as well.

I’m surprised hwo many changes have been made to the look and feel of menus and dialogs. Most of them are to please the extension developer community. I haven’t detailed the changes here, but be prepared to re-learn a few things, especially if you are a power user.

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