by Kaj Kandler Release 2.4 is now available for free download.

Curious about what changed?

Release 2.4 has improved

  • Ease of use for setting languages for selected text in multi language documents
  • The chart module with
    • improved label formatting and positioning,
    • regression charts,
    • and inverted axis
  • The presentation application (Impress) has added
    • 3d slide transitions
    • Pictures as slide background
  • The spreadsheet application (Calc) has added
    • Splitting text into separate columns
    • Start formula entry with “+” for faster data entry from the numeric key pad
    • Better flow when entering rows of data
    • Drag and drop cells and columns to move them
    • Performance for loading large spreadsheets
  • The word processor application (Writer) has added
    • more powerful regular expressions for find and replace
  • Update notification for application and extensions
  • Performance in general
  • Improved localization and spell checking for 10+ languages. Ninja has an excellent introduction to new features in Open Office 2.4. Screencasts about the new features are coming soon.

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