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by Kaj Kandler

After a longer time of minimal maintenance at Plan-B for, I find more time to edit and improve the site.

I did clean up some broken links, updated the statistics to reflect that we now have over 1,000 videos and worked on some spelling errors.

I have decided I have to move this web site project of mine from an altruistic endeavor to something that sustains itself. I’ll experiment how to change things to make this resource more attractive to its users and also how to generate some income from it. I can’t continue to foot the bill for hosting and if I can get revenue from the site I can invest it back into adding content and improving the service to its users.

The first step will be to re-vamp its analytics, as to measure what works and what does not. Next I’ll experiment with changes to the site so that traffic increases but also to engage users in different ways and more deeply. The web has been a different place when I designed the site in 2004 and much has changed. Search engine optimization has changed a lot and still remains the same. And social network websites such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+ have become a medium for users to gather and share ideas. In addition users consume their content on cell phone and small screen tabled computers. I will have to adapt the site’s content and marketing accordingly.

But also OpenOffice has developed a good deal. There is an evolved look and feel and new features and especially the fork of LibreOffice has added a whole lot of new functionality to cover in tutorials and videos.

If you care bout these topics, please drop me a line or comment.