by Kaj Kandler

Three days ago I asked the question “How often do you view OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents on your Android device?” on Plan-B for The 100 free answers came in fast. The survey was closed in less than two days.

Thank you to all that participated, here are the results

Survey results: 81% don't view ODF documents on their device

Clearly ODF documents are not very popular on Android devices. 54% that did take the time to answer the question said, they never needed to do so. 27% replied they don’t have an Android device. I assume the real number of users w/o an Android device is even higher, as it was self selecting to answer the question in the first place.

However 13% did view an ODF document at least once and 4% do it more often than once a week. I think we can assume that nearly 100% of Android devices are phones. The answers might be different when we ask the question for iOS, the Apple mobile operating system.

Your thoughts?

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