by Kaj Kandler

In my quest to improve the user experience at Plan-B for OpenOffice/LibreOffice, I did change the over 1,000 video pages, such as “Export a presentation in PDF format” or “How to create an Agenda Template with Writer.”

All video pages were constructed the same. Front and center was a massive frame for the 800×600 video player. Every video started instantly when the page loaded. I replaced the frame it with a simple “play video” button that brings up an overlay to play the video. This button is much smaller and allows you to start the video multiple times.

I have read that starting video instantly is not appreciated by most users and I sympathize. Although our videos are silent, and do not draw attention immediately from everybody around, it feels better to be in control.

This change brings the textual content of the pages above the fold and I hope this will stimulate users to explore the site more fully. if I’m right this should influence lower the bounce rate and increase the average time spend on the site.

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