by Kaj Kandler

I did start working the user experience of Plan-B for Openoffice.org because I thought that 70% of a bounce rate is rather high. While I succeeded with some first steps to encourage visitors to explore the site, some other steps did not do as much as I had hoped. However I was wondering what my target should be? What would be a good bounce rate, specifically a good bounce rate for my type of site? I wondered if there is a benchmark that I could measure myself against?

Today I read the Google Help article about high bounce rate. Most informative is the video from Avinash Kaushik @ MarketingProfs.com. He states:
* Marketing metrics are different for every website
* Typical bounce rates are between 40 and 60%
* There are two reasons for a visitor bouncing:
* The visitor found what she was looking for (satisfied customer?)
* The visitor did not think she found what she was looking for (window shopping, in the wrong place, different expectations)
* It is hard (impossible) to know which is the reason for a bounce
* However changes in bounce rate are significant. The trend is your friend!
* Bounce rate is a great qualifier metric!

So here it is some number I can compare with. However, the nugget I learned is to read the bounce rate in conjunction with other metrics:
* How does the bounce rate for different traffic sources (Google vs. Bing, Search vs. Direct Link vs. Mail campaign, AdWords vs Organic search)
* How does the bounce rate differ per keyword on the same landing page?
* How does the bounce rate differ on the top 20 landing pages?

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