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by Kaj Kandler

The Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 3.5. The new release has above all improved performance due to the elimination of dead code that is not used anymore or not really needed. This made the application lighter and faster. The most gained has LibreOffice Calc, the spreadsheet application.

Another focus has been interoperability, that allow documents from the Microsoft Office suite and Office Open XML documents to be read. Especially, scalable symbols from PPTX files are not imported correctly and various SmartArt is understood by LibreOffice 3.5. I’m sure that many office users will welcome the new ability to import Visio diagrams and reproduce them correctly. Also the import of RTF formatted documents has been improved.

LibreOffice 3.5 does now also support more completely the Open Document Format specification 1.2. Various graph forms are smoothed better, new data point and line ending symbols have been added. Unfortunately documents saved in the new version of the format are not yet recognized as valid by the Microsoft Office family. Lets hope the “leading” office suite does make its product interoperable soon.

Another major addition is a new and improved grammar checking tool, packaged with the Libre Office suite.