by Kaj Kandler

I read today about an interesting service (in form of a phone app) called Twist that helps communicate to your friends, family or business partners, when you’ll arrive at a meeting/destination. It’s supposed to track your position on a map and update the expected arrival time.

As so often with Phone apps there is lots of marketing and little information of how it is supposed to work. it’s all exploring the abilities. I downloaded it and tried to understand it. After 15 min. here is my list of questions:
* How is it going to communicate with my other party? According to the support FAQ (one liners at best), the other party does not need the app, only an e-mail address or an SMS capable phone. Still how often does Twist update the other party?
* Does the app integrate with my contacts? According to the FAQ, yes! But when I create a Twist, then it can’t find my other party not by phone nor by name or e-mail address.
* How does it integrate with navigation? Does it integrate with Waze, my favorite navigation app. when I start a twist I’m shown a map, at it seems to integrate some directions too. But I don’t see any choice of navigation app. I have three different navigation apps on my phone and I don’t want to substitute my preferred app with the one the Twist does provide for me. And I don’t want to have to run both apps for battery drain reasons?

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