by Kaj Kandler

Alright, so I installed Twist on my HTC Sensation phone. Trying to set up my first twist, seemed more complicated than it need to be. When I tried to establish the party I wanted to notify, there was no search through my contacts. I found that odd, as it is one of the advertised features.

Well, it seemed to work anyway. I just had to enter the full phone number myself. Twist seems to send an initial SMS, when I start the twist and then get moving. The SMS contains the expected arrival time. It sends another SMS, when I arrive at my destination. In case I’m traveling slower than expected, because of traffic or a stop for gas, Twist sends an additional SMS with an updated arrival time. Neat, I wished, I could control a bit more how many SMS are sent and when.

Contacting support about the issue above, I was told “that is a known bug and will be resolved with today’s update.” Patiently waiting for the update to become available, I downloaded and installed. But my attempt to edit the existing twist in my favorites, did not do the trick. A couple of days later a second update did fix the issue and allows me to search my contacts. But it is rather slow.

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