by Kaj Kandler

The app is a great idea. Share with people you are about to meet your status in traffic, and that you are on time or late. Allowing the other party to make appropriate plans. You can use Twist to let your family know that you will arrive in a few minutes for dinner or you can let your buddies for the evening know you are already at location.

The basic functionality works alright. It sends e-mails or text messages to one or multiple parties. It starts the session, called a Twist) only once you appear to be moving.

However, the user experience needs polish everywhere.

The UI is unresponsive, it takes too long to load and to respond to any action. It is also cumbersome and not intuitive. case in point, I can’t figure out how to leave the app. I don’t see any quit button/menu item and the standard back button does not react on the main screen. It seems to wait for a GPS lock, which it will never get when I’m in a building.

Twists, the sessions that keep another party up to date, do not end on arrival. I’d expect them to end automatically and or to display a big “DONE” button. It takes three tabs (and the wait in between) to end a twist. Not funny.

Twist adds messages to the message screen about sending notifications. These messages stay forever in the notification screen, instead of self delete when one has arrived or ended the Twist.

The short cut feature (put a particular favorite Twist on the home screen) is of little help. It still requires to start the Twist (two taps) and loads slow.

Phone book search is sloooow and works marginally, when it should be fast and a good default hit.

On the other side, my counter parts find the number of messages the right amount and feel better informed.

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