by Kaj Kandler

Users of can enjoy faster page loads and more stability of the website.

I wanted to do improve performance and stability on for a long time. But never seemed to be the moment or my projects stalled due to the underlying Apache Cocoon framework (Version 2.1) not being maintained anymore.

Several attempts to fix some of the excessive loading of dojo related java script files where doomed. I never got anywhere. When I heard that some good souls decided it is time to update the stable 2.1 branch of the cocoon framework, instead of chasing major re-architecting with maven/spring/hibernate w/o clear goals for improvement, I saw my chance coming.

And the team that put together the release cocoon-2.1.12 a few days ago, did a great job. I had usually struggled upgrading the framework underneath my application. In part I only do it so infrequently. Not so this time. The source actually built flawlessly, and the error messages guide my path to fix issue by issue.

Feel free to report any issues you discover as a comment below.

P.S.: We also had to change hosting companies recently. Our long time partner VPSFarm has closed its business. Now the site is hosted on a VPS fully backed by SSD drives.

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