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by Kaj Kandler

Linux Journal, has announced it 2006 Editors’ choice awards. In three categories won the top choice. wins in the category office suite. “ delivers just the right combination of openness, power and similarity to Microsoft Office that it provides the features and familiarity people want in an office suite without the drawbacks of proprietary document format or proprietary code.” write the editors of Linux Journal. They also note it is by far the most popular office suite behind MS Office. Calc wind the category spreadsheet. They write “if you’re really serious about doing spreadsheet work, your best bet is with Calc.” Honorable mention in this category goes to EIOffice and KSpread. Interestingly they don’t mention neither Google nor other web based applications. Well they are probably not close enough to Linux.

The third category win goes to Impress as editors’ choice of presentation software. They state that offering “that optimal balance of features, power and familiarity for those who want to migrate from Microsoft Office” did convince them to prefer it over KPresenter or the EIOffice presentation component.

The word processor choice went to AbiWord. Often a word processor is all one needs and AbiWord apparently does a good job in that. LinuxJounal mentions that “AbiWord has all of what most people will need in a word processor and then some, without the bloat and long load times of Writer”. As LinuxJournal reviewd version 2.0.3, this category might change next year, as version 2.0.4 has much improved load times.

Congratulations to and the development team. I think these awards are well deserved.



by Kaj Kandler

This years winners of the “Best Web Support Sites 2006” are


  1. Dell
  2. HP CPO
  3. Juniper
  4. Lucent
  5. McAfee
  6. Microsoft
  7. Reuters
  8. RM


  1. Made2Manage
  2. think3

The contest is held annually by The Association of Support Professionals (ASP), through a survey among their members. It is quite remarkable how the list changes from year to year.

The ASP also added two new companies, Microsoft and think3, to the Hall of Fame of support web sites for making the ten best four times.

Congratulations to the winners!



by Kaj Kandler

Apple Matters has selected as best open source software for the Macintosh in its category. Devanshu Mehta from Apple Matters sees it as an obvious choice, writing “This one is a no-brainer. Compared with the expensive office software from other companies, has a quite well-rounded feature set.”

However, Devanshu thinks that the reliance on X11 for for OS X is a serious drawback and recommends NeoOffice, the port created by Patrick Luby and Edward Peterlin using Cocoa for a native look and better integration.