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by Kaj Kandler

I’m curious if anybody of my readers can point me to non Microsoft OO-XML implementations?

I stumbled today over Linspire’s press release with this rather controversial paragraph.

The Open XML format is an open standard file format for office applications that can be freely implemented by multiple applications on multiple platforms. The Open XML format was standardized by Ecma International on December 7, 2006 and is also being implemented by multiple applications on multiple platforms. It is now under consideration for ratification by ISO/IEC JTC1. Open XML is the default format for the recently released Microsoft Office 2007. The Open XML format is also available through free updates to past Microsoft Office versions.

It claims that OOXML is open and can be implemented by anybody. However there is a raging discussion in the ISO standardization community and the open source community at large, that MS-OOXML is neither open nor worthy a standard, due to various contradictions and secretive parts.

I wonder if I’m just misinformed, or if there are more than some beta attempts from Novel, that so far are limited and buggy.