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by Kaj Kandler

Simon Murphy does reflect in a recent article on how most of his recent work in spreadsheet programming has been connected to server data.

It reminded me to check up on the announced support for Calc by the Palo Spreadsheet server. Unfortunately no product announcements have been made. But it appears Jedox still pursues the idea, as they put it on the list of projects the Palo Server team wanted to apply for Google’s Summer of Code funding.



by Kaj Kandler

Jedox, the company behind the Palo Spreadsheet server has started to seek sponsors for supporting Calc. In an interesting marriage of open source and commercial project sponsorship, they have found pledges from an Australian Winery and some German engineering firms. However, at this point the tally stands at 6500 Euro, which is not much for a medium size software project.

The idea behind this effort is to store spread sheet data on a server and offer OLAP capability to create sophisticated reports, that can be aggregated among many dimensions, such as sales data by month, quarter, year, sales person, region, customer size, promotional costs, support costs or any combination of these. This kind of application gears towards enterprise customers who need analytical aggregation of data to support decision processes.

Palo server is an open source project and is currently only available for Microsoft Excel.