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by Kaj Kandler

While Novell offers its own edition of in the Enterprise SuSE offerings, there are packages available for install in the open SuSE Linux project.

Look here for the stable package of Open Office Release 2.2.1 for Open SuSE Linux.

A recent post on the mailing list gives more details.



by Kaj Kandler

Ted Haeger lets us know that Novell just released its own edition of

Thanks to Ted I now know why Novell is cooking its own version. Novell feels that the open source model is a good one. They follow the intention of open source to solve one’s own problems and contribute back to the community. In Novell’s case they solve the issues of their Linux customers and benefit all others too. All Novell additions are factored into the main stream eventually. While the community does absorb the contributions, Novell does enjoy the benefits of an advanced version that makes their brand of Linux more competitive. That sounds like a fair deal to me.

Now the Novell developers even released a version of Novell Edition for Windows. Why? Because they learned from their own experience that it sometimes takes a few baby steps until you are ready to switch from Windows to Linux. Switching from MS Office to is such a baby step. Lets hope that the Mac version is not far behind. Although I’m not sure how many Mac users can’t wait to switch to Linux.