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by Kaj Kandler

If you are a Writer, using as you main tool, Dimitri Popov’sWriter for Writers and Advanced Users” might be the book for you to read. And Dimitri does know his OpenOffice, as he also publishes the “WriterTools” extension. WriterTools in version 0.7.1 includes features such as:

  • Lookup Tool – select text and lookup it up in several online references, including Cambridge Dictionaries, WordNet, and Google Define.
  • Google Translate – select text and translate it to different languages using the Google Translate service.
  • Email Backup – Backup your currently open document per E-Mail.
  • Multi-format Backup macro – saves the currently open text document Writer) as Word, RTF, and TXT formats in one command.
  • Open FTP Document – open a document stored on an FTP server and work on it locally.
  • Convert to DokuWiki converts the current document into DokuWiki format.
  • Start/Stop Timer – keep track how long you work on which document and save the data in the accompanying WriterDB database. Use it as you please, such as for billing etc.

This set of tools utilizes the new extension infrastructure. Which seems to gain momentum in general.

I find the DokuWiki macro real nifty. I bet, if it would be MediaWiki as output, a lot of Wikipedia authors would become OOo converts.



by Kaj Kandler

Dimitri Popov is known for his articles with deep insight. He has done it again and wrote a great introduction to how to extend with templates, macros and whole programs.

May be this idea in my head to add an item to the Help menu, that does navigate to Plan-B for became just a little more real.



by Kaj Kandler

Dimitri Popov shows how to use and a little known tool JODConverter to do document conversion in batch format. Dimitri hows how to start the relevant processes and how to define the input and output formats.

His one page article comes handy when you want to convert a large number of documents into a new format, lets say some spreadsheets into PDF.