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by Kaj Kandler

It was bound to happen sooner or later, caught it’s first worm. Sophos reports the first sightings of an OOo scripting worm in the wild. It uses an OOo document to carry itself. Remarkably, the worm is cross platform and uses perl on Linux, ruby on Mac OS X and JavaScript on Windows to infect other files and distribute itself through instant messaging.

The damage? It looks like the worm does download and display a porn image.

To the delight of Sophos, the presumable author did send the file directly to Sophos address.



by Kaj Kandler

I have recently reported on the new chart module and its improvements. Looks like has also noticed the ongoing development of better charts for Calc. They have some nice screen shots of the chart preview, the ability to add regression curves, and the new flexible data ranges.

Unfortunately, they confirm the uncertain release schedule.



by Kaj Kandler

The development team is hard at work to make its office productivity suite better than ever.

Bruce Byfield reviews an milestone release and particularly its charting component. Although the component is not yet scheduled for any release date, Bruce does describe in detail the many changes and enhancements of the chart wizard for Calc. I guess it will be far into 2007 before we see the fruits of this work.