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by Kaj Kandler

Highly anticipated, the next minor release of is out officially today. You can download release 2.0.4 here.

It is mostly a bug fix release. However it brings support for several new local data such as Namibian Afrikaans, Tigrigina Eritrea, Amharic Ethiopia, Tajik Tajikistan, Kirghiz, and Farsi Iran. is now capable to format locale dependent information such as date and time in these languages.

Release 2.0.4 improves the integration with KDE, using now system wide parameters correctly. Apple OS X users will like the better integration of native fonts into applications.

Calc became a function “INFO” that allows to ask for system data and makes spreadsheets more compatible with Microsoft Excel. An improve HTML import makes is more likely for Calc to read HTML formatted tables correctly.

Impress got a new feature to save shapes as images directly from the context menu. can now also import LaTeX formatted files. Also this release lays the ground work for extensions to be come popular and easier to manage.

And last but not least, release 2.0.4 is supposed to be wicked fast at start up.

I’ll report on my experience after I have used the new release a few days.



by Kaj Kandler

It appears the next minor release is a bit delayed. According to the roadmap the next minor release with bug fixes and smaller improvements was planned for September.

However, apparently release candidate 3 of the release does turn some heads with its improvements in speed. Some beta testers can’t but rave about its quick startup time.

Sounds rather good to me. I can’t wait.



by Kaj Kandler

The latest version of, faster and more secure than ever.

New and improved in release 2.0.3:

  • Better performance: for example, a 23 percent speed increase in certain Calc operations.
  • Microsoft Office file compatibility further improved.
  • New email integration with support for Microsoft email file formats.
  • Improved export of PDF documents and how they will display when opened in a PDF reader.
  • Increased accessibility features.
  • Even more languages supported.
  • Improvements in hyphenation and thesaurus for many languages.
  • Automatic check for updated versions.
  • Support for Intel architecture for Mac OS X.
  • Improved Mac OS X font integration.

see the release notes for more details.

Interest in the latest update must be huge. The servers of seems slow today.