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by Kaj Kandler

I just read that Full circle a new Ubuntu magazine is out with its first issue.

The first issue contains:

  • Install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, step by step
  • Howtos:
    • Linux Directory Structure
    • MythTV Intro
    • Scribus (desktop publishing) Part I
    • Add/Remove Software
  • Review: GRAMPS geneaology software
  • Interview: Deluge BitTorrent Client developer
  • Standard Categories:
    • News
    • “Top 5”
    • Letters
    • Desktops
    • and much more

This magazine is 42 pages long, delivered only online as a PDF and meant to be printed. The layout should make a solid printed magazine, if you have that much color ink to spare. I guess if you mix it in to the stacks at a doctor’s waiting room, not many would notice its an online magazine. However that is also its downside. I find it hard to read online, because the pages are laid out two at a time and that makes either the font illegible on my old 19″ monitor or it does require a lot of dragging left to right (as opposed to scrolling with the wheel). I’d love if they could format a version for linear reading formats.

What peeked my curiosity is the tools it is produced with, Scribus, and Gimp. I’d like to hear more about how it is produced and what the role of each application is. Well that topic might come up in the next parts about Scribus. I look forward to it.