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by Kaj Kandler

This morning I read an interesting scoop in Mass High Tech about the Boston Seaport Hotel planning to offer in 80 guest rooms.

The Seaport Hotel is part of the Boston Seaport World Trade Center and frequented mostly by business travelers. It’s rooms are equipped with a Flat screen an a wireless keyboard and mouse. These PC terminals allow guest to surf the internet, read e-mail and do phone complementary phone calls without having to have their laptop computer.

Now John Burke the VP of technology at the hotel has identified another need of his guests. He is installing as a low cost way for users to read, edit and save their office documents. Guests can save their documents from e-mail or use a USB device as source and destination of the documents. I guess this comes in handy with last minute changes to a presentation or a contract.

Security and privacy concerns are addresses, by resetting the whole system for each guest, so that documents and browsing trails are erased after each check-out.