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by Kaj Kandler

While it emerges slowly that Lotus Symphony, a distribution of OpenOffice is meant to be a beta software and based on three+ year old code, Mathew Newton at PCWorld finds hope in the fact that the IBM engineers did manage to overhaul successfully the user interface and make OpenOffice a copy of Office 2003 rather than Office 97.

I’m not sure if this is the kind of achievemnt I’m looking for? I’d rather have serious functional improvements, stability and performance, than just a nother copy of some proprietary user interface. Not that I wouldn’t welcome a better user interface for or even one that is less riddled with bugs. But coming out with an unstable beta of an outdated application with an user interface copied from a program that is about to be replaced with a new version is not the kind of thing I’d celebrate. Especially if the more modern user interface is the main selling point and the version update of the product that has been copied is mostly about the user interface.