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by Kaj Kandler

This week, Ingots, a group dedicated to teach IT skills based on open source, has published “Introduction to for Windows and Linux” (Use “Login as a guest”, to view the material).

I like the concept and the content of the course. However, I’m curious how it compares to the innovative approach of “Plan-B for What is your opinion?

Do you prefer a traditional course offering like the one from Ingot or do you prefer the video based Software manuals from Plan-B?

Would you like to have course material with demo documents and quizzes on Plan-B for

Please leave your comments about innovation in software manuals.



by Kaj Kandler

I love to help people with their computers. I also love to solve problems.

The current state of computer ‘online’ help is a problem. Wouldn’t you agree? Users have given up on using the help-menu in software applications. The typical complain goes:

1) I can’t find what I’m looking for!

2) If I find something, I have a hard time understanding the prose!

I set out to solve this problem by creating visual help.