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by Kaj Kandler

Do you need some drawing templates for Draw or Impress? I found this small but growing collection by Mark Lautman. Mark has created collections for Computer and Network Symbols, Home Entertainment, Office Layout, Furniture and more.

Mark’s Drawings are easy to use. Just download the documents he offers and click on a shape, copy, paste and use it as you need. These come in handy if you are illustrating your Impress presentation.

Way to go Mark.



by Kaj Kandler sponsors a contest for template and clipart held by the the Documentation Project.

While (OOo) has reached a functional parity with the market leader in most categories that matter, it has not developed the wealth of templates for documents from faxes to letters, presentations and classic calculation projects such as business plans and budgets or travel expenses. It also lacks a great deal of creative clipart for newsletters and memos or simple product fliers.

The OOo documentation project has put the challenge to the many talented designers
and business people to share their creations. All entires must be licenses under Public Documentation License or LGPL. Entries must be posted to the documentation project by October 31st. Prizes of up to $750, sponsored by will be awarded for the best entries by December 1st.

See the contest home page for further details.