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by Kaj Kandler

I just received a nice New Year’s surprise gift (I’m still struggling with writing ’07 dates).

Michael Katz, a local e-newsletter marketing consultant, just published the recording of his audio seminar – “FINDING (AND USING) YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE“. He usually sells his recordings, but decided to make it a free download this month.

Michael has a really authentic voice in e-newsletter marketing and he teaches his clients to be themselves in their writing. He has started a series of “Coffee with Michael“. This month he invited Lissa Bergin-Boles, a life coach from Toronto. I trust him to know something about this topic.

If you got 20 minutes and are interested in finding your authentic voice and using it in newsletters, articles or blogs, listen in.



by Kaj Kandler

Today I want to confess, I’m guilty as anybody else. I speak computer jargon.

Computer and software are a business of precision. We expect the machines to work reliably and predictably. That implies one has to talk about their functions in a precise manner.

However, this makes using computers a challenge, because it is complex to talk precisely about their behavior. Software developers, and tech writers in particular, do define a language around their creation and they use it. Naturally, end users do not speak that language. Hence the communication problems.

There is a solution to this. As with any other language too, one party has to learn the language of the other. Which one do you prefer?

  1. As an end-user, learn the language of each application you use
  2. Ask the publisher/developer of the software to understand the language(s) their end-users speak

Please comment and tell us why you prefer the particular solution.